WOW Power Leveling – Levels 0 To 60 Faster Then A Speeding Bullet!

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World of Warcraft is a huge multi player role-playing game and boast a whooping 7 million subscribers! It is by far the worlds most popular online role-playing game. The structure of the game is characters start at level 1 and progress all the way to level 60 by acquiring experience.

Although the game start off quite fast in the early stages, it does become increasingly harder to level up in the later stages.

One of the ways you can level up faster is by power levelling. Power levelling is when you do a lot of missions and quest together and sometimes in a group to gain the most XP.

To start you off gaining experience of power levelling in Wow you can get started in two ways:

The easiest way to start power levelling is by simply killing monsters within the game. For every kill you acquire you will be rewarded a certain amount of XP, based upon the level of the monster and your level.

The higher the monsters level the more XP you will receive, and this is a very good way to start power levelling through the ranks. Bear in mind though the tougher the enemy the harder it will be able to kill so sometimes it is best to form a group!

One of the good things about the game is if you do die, the death is not permanent and all you have to do is find your corpse to regenerate!

Another good way to power level in Wow is start by killing monsters that are a few levels below you, which will not result in as much XP but also you will probably not die and do not have to keep on going back to your corpse.

The second and probably the most popular method of power levelling is by completing quests that are handed out to you by the Computer controlled characters within the game.

This is a very good way to start power levelling on Wow because the quests and missions at lower levels can be as simple as just posting a message to someone or delivering an item to another computer controlled character.

As you get to a higher level you will find the missions become more complex and can take an hour or two to complete. This however is the best way to seriously start power levelling in Wow and you will find that completing the missions is more interesting and you receive the most XP.

Which ever way you choose to start power levelling in Wow is up to you and each of the methods above have their pros and cons.

Just killing monsters can get tedious and take a lot of time, and just doing missions can quite difficult and therefore is more frustrating in the later levels of the game.

Another way you can start power levelling in Wow is to use a process called “twinking” and you do this by running two separate characters which gives you access to items and spells on your second character that would normally not be available for such a low level character.

As an example you could add extra weapons or armour to your low level character which would make them much stronger and therefore a lot harder to kill!

If you use “Twinking” in conjunction with the power levelling methods mentioned above, it can enable a level 10 character to take on monsters that are 5-10 levels above and defeat them, therefore power levelling you faster and giving you more XP.


Source by Christopher Luke Jones