What Differentiates NCAA 09 Football Video Game from Its Older Versions

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Fans anticipating the release of NCAA 09 probably won’t be disappointed when they finally get to play the game. EA seems to have focused on refining options and feel of the running game, certainly what you’d expect from a NCAA game. Also, NCAA 09 comes with a new Break Away Animation Engine to provide larger cutback lanes and bigger holes for the offense and greater opportunities for players in the clear.

Screens and Stadiums

Many have compared and contrasted the screens and stadiums of both NCAA Football 08 and its 09 version. The lighting, texture, colors and other details have contributed to a more authentic look for the NCAA 09.

Playing to the Crowds

One change that EA is probably hoping fans would love is the enhanced crowd system. Now players can customize stadium music and sounds, choose the crowd’s reaction to breakaways, and of course, expect to have mayhem and confusion cloud decisions of the teams. Visuals for the crowds have also been improved. You’ll notice that there are more people in the sidelines, from mascots to cheerleaders to backup players, and lighting and texture for the fields had also been improved.

Mascot Mode

Acknowledging the importance of team mascots, NCAA 09 now allows players to customize celebrations whenever a touchdown is scored. NCAA 09 also allows for several mascot games, but the jury’s still out on this one since it’s too early to tell how NCAA fans will react to this.

Choice of Players

With NCAA 09, game users can expect new college player models to be available for their teams together with over fifty alternate uniforms to choose from. Non-players may think uniforms don’t make a difference to the game you play, but NCAA enthusiasts certainly know better.

Game Enhancements

First off, expect to adjust to several changes – all for the better, though, so don’t worry – to how the recruiting system’s going to work. Rest assured that you can look forward to fair play when it comes to choosing recruits for your team.

College specific tackling engines have also been added, making your game all the more accurate. So if you’re playing for the #1 team in the West Division, don’t expect your tackling engine to be similar to the #1 team in the East. Also, players have now been granted the ability to return missed field goals. In relation to this, you also get better passing control, bobble catches, smart routes, formation audibles, and bluffed plays so that players near you won’t have the chance to find out about your game plan.

So far, we’ve mentioned the added features to help you win a game. But as far as added features to make a game more enjoyable are concerned, NCAA 09 brings to you offline cooperative play up to four players. Not only that, but you can also expect new play-by-play sequences and post-game presentations, many mini-games to while away the time, quick replay and post play continuation, and random play selection for practices. Last but not the least, NCAA 09 also allows you to play now using the even teams option.

So what are you waiting for? Go tackle NCAA 09!


Source by Brian Kaldenberg