[ad_1] Winning the championship is the primary goal of any football team, or any sports team at all really. There is only one reason to go out and play and that is to win the championship. A championship season is not only rewarding to the players that duke it out on the field, but also to the fans that root them on. Cities and regions should be very proud of their championship winning teams. Baltimore is a great football town and professional football has been present there in one form or another for more than 60 years. Many people don’t know this, but four different professional football teams have won championships while representing the city of Baltimore. The Baltimore Ravens – 2000 The last Baltimore team to win a league title in pro football was the team that currently represents the city in the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens began as a franchise in 1996, having been active as the Cleveland Browns the previous year. They had a few tough years, but in 2000 everything came together behind a strong running game and an out of this world defense. They ended up defeating the New York Giants 34-7 in […]

[ad_1] The University of Arkansas Razorbacks running back duo of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones made a very big impact on the Southeastern Conference (SEC) with their Wild Hog formation (predecessor to the Wild Cat offense in the NFL) before making a splash in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Darren McFadden and Felix Jones were teammates who both very successfully played the same position (running back) at the University of Arkansas. Both players were All-Americans and this abundance of talent at the same position put the Arkansas head football coach in the position of having the very desirable “problem” of how to utilize having too many good players for one position. The solution to the dilemma of how to maximize the abilities of both Felix Jones and Darren McFadden by getting them on the field at the same time was to implement what the University of Arkansas program called the Wild Hog formation. The Wild Hog formation was not invented in the twenty-first century by the Razorback coaching staff but rather has its roots in the distant history of college football before spread offenses and passing the ball fifty times a game were common occurrences. Before Bill […]

[ad_1] So there’s tons of cheerleaders out there dancing on the field and we never bother to get to know them. All we do is just stare at them dancing, think ‘oh they dance good, look good, typical cheerleaders’ and move on without a thought as to what really goes behind the scenes of an NFL cheerleader. Well, I am here to tell you that there is a lot more than meets the eye. All those movies you saw like “Bring it On” and those television shows that showed a bunch of drama queens as cheerleaders have got it all wrong. Myth #1 – It’s easy being an NFL cheerleader. Um. No. There is no way that it is easy being a cheerleader. So much goes into the auditions, that you’re lucky to even make it into the squad in the first place. Hundreds of girls try out and you have to be in the top 3% to make it in the squad, no kidding. They all dance good, look good, are energetic, enthusiastic, and have a great personality on top of all that. After they get into the squad, it takes hours of practice almost every day in order […]

[ad_1] Joe Namath came out of the University of Alabama to become the darling of the AFL as the quarterback of the New York Jets. During his career, despite a number of injuries, he would develop into one of the better quarterbacks in the league and eventually get elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It can be argued that there was no more important football player in the American Football League than Joe Namath. He was brash and garnered a lot of press. He also provided a lot of legitimacy to the young league based on his talent. Predicting a Super Bowl II victory for his Jets over the Colts of the more established National Football League was just icing on the cake. Namath has not only gone down as one of the best is either league, he is also fondly remembered and always associated with the franchise he starred for, the New York Jets. During his career, Namath threw passes to a number of receivers. Some of those players were household names and some were just your average ordinary every day pro football player. Which one was his favorite though? Who caught the most touchdown passes from […]

[ad_1] The 16th edition of South Africa’s main international cycling stage race, the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Giro del Capo, begins on March 6th and comes with some changes to its format. This year’s competition promises to be the best ever in its history. One of the changes is the number of teams to participate, instead of the usual 22; there will be 29 groups, by far the highest; also the number of cyclist per team will increase from five to six. The split between the international and the local teams is almost equal. Barloworld team just signed in the professional cyclist Robert Hunter, the fourth South African member of the team. Hunter is known as well as the rest of his new partners, as a great cyclist and it’s even considered a world’s top sprinters. Hunter is beneath the eye of the press and the Giro’s fans, but especially of the Barloworld’s followers. Everybody is expecting something impressive from him. And what else could be expected after his remarkable 23 victories, proof to his outstanding accomplishments. His most notable achievements include having competed in the world’s most important races with five appearances in the Tour de France; once […]

[ad_1] One of the biggest advantages of the 4-3 defense is its ability to adapt to any offensive attack. Whether you face a Pro-I, Spread, or Flex Bone you can adjust your base front without breaking your basic rules. Aligning your 4-3 Defense to stop Double Tight End formations, it takes some really simple tweaking to the Over front, or checking to an Under front to get strong against 2-TE sets quickly. If all else fails, we can also hop into a goal line set. We’re going to talk at couple of different ways we can hold two tight Ends for more defense of front here. Anytime that we see two tight Ends specially the two back set we’re expecting the run here. This is definitely a running situation force that we’re going to played as. This is duck formation two tight Ends we got the “I” back here. We got the single receiver split out to the right force. First of all, inside we’re going to still keep our 7 man front. We’re going to be able to play with here, two safety uptight they get a love that quarter coverage in the 4-3 because their ability did 9 […]

[ad_1] Everybody wants to win the Fantasy 5 Lottery. Everyone who joined may have come up with certain strategies to play out the Fantasy 5, or have used the power of luck. Though some have become successful, still many are at the losing end of the Fantasy 5 Lottery. Fantasy 5 Lottery games are one of the best lottery bets you can play anywhere. The odds of matching all 5 numbers are 1 in 376,992, compared to million to one odds in matching six numbers. Fantasy 5 Lottery games are based on a selection of random numbers. It is highly unlikely that a person or computer software can predict which numbers will be drawn. One of the first tips I will teach you about is to never waste money on lottery computer software that promises to crack the drawing of winning numbers. Another tip for winning the Fantasy 5 lottery is to go against most lottery expert advises to veer away from the Quick Picks (computer generated picks). Why? Fifty percent of most Fantasy 5 Lottery jackpot winners over the past five years or so came from quick picks. So, when taking that Fantasy 5 play slip, better think twice […]

[ad_1] Zdeno Chara (BOS – D) 6 foot 9, 255 pounds of pure intimidation. No, this is not an intro for a heavyweight boxing match, though at times it seems like it should be. Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins is the tallest player to ever lace up skates in the NHL and is one of the elite defensemen currently in the league. Chara's size serves him well as he protects his net while it also lends itself to his offensive prowess and his slapshot which can reach speeds well over 100 miles per hour. Chara serves as a solid defensemen for the Bruins, but also gives the fantasy owner production from a difficult position to draft. He accumulated 19 goals and 31 assists in 2009 and was amongst the league leaders with an overall plus 23. He loves to shoot the puck, collecting 216 shots on net, which ranked in the top 60 in all of the NHL. Chara spent his fair share of time in the sin bin, thanks in part to his physical play and occasional heavyweight fighting, spending 95 minutes in the penalty box. He plays with a bruising style of play, punishing opponents who wander […]

[ad_1] If you're checking out this third party FantaZ review, chances are you're looking for information because you're interested in becoming a distributor. Before you join, I want to encourage you to go over this entire review. In it, I'll cover the actual company, the services they offer, the compensation plan and whether or not FantaZ has a solid business opportunity. Who Is FantaZ And What Do They Market? First, let's go into the actual company. FantaZ is a new network marketing company that targets online gamers and provides a way for people to make money on the $ 4 billion online gaming industry. From a business perspective, there is a huge market to tap into since there are over 85 million people in the United States alone, and over 217 million people worldwide, that play games online, and the market is growing by a staggering 27% each year . The concept is simple. Share FantaZ's new gaming platform with online gamers worldwide and make money doing that. FantaZ's platform includes games, fantasy sports and even games not introduced in the United States yet. Whether you're an online gamer or not, one thing's for sure, there is a big market […]

[ad_1] As school winds down and as the summer approaches, high school football players prepare for the upcoming year. Many of these athletes participate in summer sports camps to maintain physical shape, hone in on their skills and improve endurance and flexibility. Knee injuries, particularly ACL knee sprains and tears are a common occurrence during this time, and require medical attention and protection as competition to make the football squad becomes more aggressive. There is much controversy concerning the effectiveness of wearing braces for protection following a knee injury or used as a preventative piece of equipment just like shoulder pads, helmets and chest protectors. New knee braces like the Bledsoe NZONE have been designed specifically for football, addressing both the functional aspect of a knee brace and as a shock absorbing knee protector. Thigh and knee pads have been mandatory equipment in high schools and colleges. On May 22, 2012, the NFL made thigh and knee pads mandatory equipment for the 2013 season. DonJoy has had much success with its DonJoy Armor Extreme, providing a rigid framed brace for ACL protection. The DonJoy custom Defiance is worn by a number of all-pro and super bowl quarterbacks in the NFL, […]