[ad_1] Fans anticipating the release of NCAA 09 probably won’t be disappointed when they finally get to play the game. EA seems to have focused on refining options and feel of the running game, certainly what you’d expect from a NCAA game. Also, NCAA 09 comes with a new Break Away Animation Engine to provide larger cutback lanes and bigger holes for the offense and greater opportunities for players in the clear. Screens and Stadiums Many have compared and contrasted the screens and stadiums of both NCAA Football 08 and its 09 version. The lighting, texture, colors and other details have contributed to a more authentic look for the NCAA 09. Playing to the Crowds One change that EA is probably hoping fans would love is the enhanced crowd system. Now players can customize stadium music and sounds, choose the crowd’s reaction to breakaways, and of course, expect to have mayhem and confusion cloud decisions of the teams. Visuals for the crowds have also been improved. You’ll notice that there are more people in the sidelines, from mascots to cheerleaders to backup players, and lighting and texture for the fields had also been improved. Mascot Mode Acknowledging the importance of […]

[ad_1] Who will ever forget Sandra Bullock’s constant grumbling to coach Burt Cotton in the Academy Award winning film The Blind Side? The story of Michael Oher and his journey to the NFL is heartwarming and, now, it might be time to start on a sequel. Coach Cotton in the movie is really coach Hugh Freeze, a native Mississipian who today landed his dream job as he was named the new head football coach at the University of Mississippi. Freeze, a graduate of Southern Mississippi in 1992, got his first coaching job at Briarcrest Christian School (the real name of the movie’s Wingate Christian School) that very same year. He was the team’s offensive coordinator and defensive backs coach before being named the head coach in 1995. Freeze won two state titles (2002 and 2004) at Briarcrest and was named the Region 8-AA Coach of the Year five times and the Associated Press Coach of the Year six times. Freeze then followed his standout offensive lineman, Oher, the Mississippi where, in 2005, he became an assistant athletic director for football external affairs. The next season he would become the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator, positions he held until 2007 […]

[ad_1] I was a sports broadcaster for 35 years, mostly covering the National Football League. I learned a lot of things in that time, but one thing stands out, and I’m going to share it with you now: Kickers are weird Go back and read it again, several times. I put it in big type for a reason. It’s true! And you have to understand it. Kickers are very, very weird people. Whole generations of NFL fans have grown up not knowing what a “straight-on” kicker looks like. Well, a straight-on kicker didn’t angle into the ball like today’s soccer-style kickers. He ran straight at the ball and kicked it straight toward the goalpost, wearing a shoe with a special hard, square toe in it. I know this is a foreign concept for some of you younger people, but bear with an old man for a moment. The NFL record for field goal distance is still held by a straight-on kicker who actually had a deformed foot and had to wear a specially fitted shoe: Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints for sixty-three yards (since tied by Denver’s Jason Elam, for you stat freaks). Another old-time NFL kicker, Ben […]

[ad_1] Crisp fall days, the roar of the crowd, the aroma of the tailgate barbeques in the parking lot. If you can’t tell already, I am a football fanatic. I love the game, from my days playing in high school, to watching my favorite teams, to coaching and watching my two sons, I love everything about football. So it’s little wonder that I see so many similarities between the way a great football team runs, and a great business. Football is the greatest team game, and successful businesses aren’t successful without great teamwork. Let’s look at five ways you can get your business working like the most successful football teams. No football team, whether college or professional, gets anywhere on the field without first assembling a roster of top talent. Isaac Cheifetz, in “Hiring Secrets of the NFL”, points out that on every NFL football team, management has to know what the “true musts” of each position are. These are usually a variety of skills and behaviors. For instance, a quarterback must have great composure, awareness, and be calm under pressure. Likewise in the business world, an all-star salesperson must have great tenacity, communication skill, and professionalism. Let’s compare the […]

[ad_1] The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the oldest franchises in the entire National Football League. Over the years, there have been some great players that have played for the team too. The Eagles as a team have played in a number of great, even important, games over the years. Here is a look at five things you may not know about the Philadelphia Eagles. 1. The Philadelphia Eagles joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1931, replacing the Frankford Yellow Jackets which had gone bankrupt. The team’s name was inspired by the eagle insignia of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act. 2. The first touchdown pass that quarterback Donovan McNabb ever threw in the NFL was thrown to Chad Lewis and came in the fourth quarter of a 44-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in the 11th game of the 1999 season. 3. No Philadelphia Eagles player has gone to more Pro Bowls than linebacker Chuck Bednarik went to eight during his career (1950-54, 1956-57, and 1960). Tied for second on the list at seven Pro Bowls apiece are defensive back Brian Dawkins and defensive lineman Reggie White. 4. The college that the Eagles have drafted the […]

[ad_1] Yes Vick is a Hall of Famer and it’s really based on one specific point; you can’t tell the story of football history without mentioning his name; and trust me we’re not talking about a footnote. Michael Vick was a phenomenon on the field. No one had ever seen such athletic ability from the quarterback position. This was more than an Otto Graham, a Doug Flutie, Steve Young or even a Randall Cunningham. Vick had a sick juke equipped with tremendous vision and a great sense of pressure. Posting a sub 4.2 40 yard dash time doesn’t hurt either. Vick’s hall of fame career began with establishing a football hall of fame college career. Virginia Tech was the spot to be when Michael took the field. Hell Michael was so electrifying it place unfair expectations on his kid brother Marcus. Nonetheless Vick led the Hokies to an ACC championship game with an unforgettable performance against the then dominant powerhouse of Miami. Vick was selected number one overall to the Atlanta Falcons. In franchise history, I don’t believe Atlanta has had such a polarizing figure in their city. Everyone had a number 7 Atlanta Falcon jersey. On Madden, it was […]

[ad_1] I'm sure you have noticed you are currently able to come across a fantasy sports league for almost every sport there is. Understandably, if you're an eager sports fan, as I am, you may already realize this fantasy sports craze. Nonetheless, realizing how to master building your own team and joining your own league is going to be a novel experience for several people, including those that already understand all about sports. What I have discovered is that you need to understand the draft picks, particularly when it relates to building a team that wins and that is true of any sports team, regardless if they are real or fantasy. There is a little diplomacy needed for those that are making a fantasy sports team, that's because you already understand that everyone is going to pick the finest players in any given position, whenever they could. The main element is to realize what areas you need to stand out in and to go after a few consistent players in that area. You never know when someone will become hurt, even first-class pitchers in fantasy baseball aren't consistent all of the time Whenever you want to really know the fantasy […]

[ad_1] Since I was a child, it has been my aspiration to travel to developing countries around the world, helping, teaching and assisting children, in some kind of humanitarian work. I had never imagined that I wouldn’t actually need to travel that far to fulfill my dream. The situation came to find me in my home country. In the past couple of years, I have been repeatedly surprised to find activities, usually featuring in large aid organization advertisements (like distributing food to people in need) already happening in my home town. Since the onset of the refugee crisis, there have also been the typical refugee camps and I found myself doing the so-called ‘field’ work – literally next door… This little background information puts the article’s topic in context. Much has been said and written about the rise of neo-fascist, extreme right-wing parties in Greece, since the economic crisis began. Before 2009, such groups were hardly heard of, their followers less than 0.5% of the electorate and this is perhaps the reason why we were a little late to take notice. Since then, we have seen the rise of the far right, especially as the economic crisis continues and at […]

[ad_1] Service-based businesses have to work continually harder at attracting new clients due to the lack of tangible product to market. Instead, professionals must find ways to grow their client base at a relatively low cost. When I talk about cost, I am not only talking about fiscal value. Service providers have only time to sell, so you do not want to be using up all your time chasing new leads. Now most of us are all aware of the power of Google. Google AdWords are conveniently placed on the tops of search lists but are costly and often ignored by savvy modern consumers. Organic search rankings are much better received and if you can get your name on the top page (first ten results) you are well ahead of the pack. But what if you can not? What if there are 40,000 businesses in your industry or you have been black-listed by Google for something you do not even know that you did? How will you get traffic to your website then? Manually directing customers via link backs, affiliate marketing and article writing is a fantastic way to get traffic. It really does work – but at what cost? […]

[ad_1] Today, most Defensive Coordinators will tell you that they are a spill team. That means that they want to keep the ball going sideline to sideline, and prevent it from cutting up the field. Every defense uses the principle of a “Contain player” as well. The contain player is the player who stops the spill. In our 4-3 Defense, we say that everyone in the defensive front is a spill player, and one player (to each side) is the “box” player. The box player, quite simply, boxes the play and forces it back to the inside. That’s in a perfect world, of course. Many coaches use the term, “Force” player instead of “Contain” or “Box” because they want that player to force the ball to change direction in some way. Either the ball carrier needs to turn back to the inside, where help is, or he needs to bubble the ball back to try to go around the force player. If the ball carrier is forced to bubble back, that gives the pursuit from the inside a chance to get there. It also means the player is closer to pinning himself to the sideline. The sideline is the 12th […]