A Third Party FantaZ Review – Is FantaZ A Good Business Opportunity?

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If you're checking out this third party FantaZ review, chances are you're looking for information because you're interested in becoming a distributor. Before you join, I want to encourage you to go over this entire review. In it, I'll cover the actual company, the services they offer, the compensation plan and whether or not FantaZ has a solid business opportunity.

Who Is FantaZ And What Do They Market?

First, let's go into the actual company. FantaZ is a new network marketing company that targets online gamers and provides a way for people to make money on the $ 4 billion online gaming industry. From a business perspective, there is a huge market to tap into since there are over 85 million people in the United States alone, and over 217 million people worldwide, that play games online, and the market is growing by a staggering 27% each year .

The concept is simple. Share FantaZ's new gaming platform with online gamers worldwide and make money doing that. FantaZ's platform includes games, fantasy sports and even games not introduced in the United States yet. Whether you're an online gamer or not, one thing's for sure, there is a big market and if FantaZ can cater to that market, there definitely is an opportunity to make money.

How Do You Make Money With FantaZ?

Now, let's cover the FantaZ business opportunity. First, in order to become a distributor you'll have to pay $ 99 every year, and a monthly fee to participate. There are three monthly fees you can choose from. For a basic membership, it's free, while a Pro and Expert membership would cost $ 24 a month and $ 49 a month, respectively.

The actual compensation plan runs on a unilevel platform and provides several ways to get paid. For one, you'll earn a 10% commission on your personal Commissionable Tournament Value (CTV), and 10% of the CTV of your first 7 levels. It's important to know that each CTV equals $ .30, which means that each distributor in your first 7 levels pays you an average of $ 3 a month. There is also a Monthly Builder's Bonus in place, where you can earn $ 125 for sponsoring 5 Pro or Expert distributors in a calender month, and then an additional $ 25 for each person you sponsor after the first five. In addition, there are a couple of different bonus pools you can get paid on depending on your performance and rank. Overall, the business opportunity and compensation plan can be quite lucrative for the right person.

Is FantaZ A Good Business Opportunity?

In closing, FantaZ looks like a good opportunity to make money online assuming you can tap into the online gaming market. While I personally would choose a product or service that has more mass appeal, and can be a product for people who are both online and offline, there's no doubt that there is market potential there since the online gaming industry is growing by 25% -30 % annually. Also, the company looks to have a fair compensation plan in place that offers upfront and back-end income, which is good if you're seriously thinking about becoming a distributor.

At the end of the day, your success will rely on your ability to sponsor new people into your business, share the gaming platform effectively and build a productive team. One of the key components to accomplishing those things is the ability to market and generate leads. My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, profit even when people do not join your business and sponsor distributors on the back-end. If you can successfully incorporate online attraction marketing with a solid offline system, there's no telling how successful you can be.


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